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Crossfit Earned is a world-class CrossFit facility located in Merrimack, New Hampshire

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Workout of the Day

  • Friday 8/29/2014

    It’s not a handstand, but it will do. Matt is such a wild man.   Warm Up 5:00 of Line Drills-Butt Kicks-High Skips-Karaoke High Step-Shuffle Snatch Prep, 5-10 reps of each: Hang Power SnatchPower Snatch from Starting Pos.OHSFull Snatch Hip Mobility ComplexDislocatesKicksT-Spine Smash   Performance A. 12:00 of Snatch Work*If proficient, build to a heavy […]

  • Thursday 8/28/2014

    Ben is off to Miami today. Gonna miss you, good buddy. Hope you find fame and fortune, but also that you hate it and decide to return rather soon. For good. K thanks.   Warm Up Performance A. 10-15:00 Goat Work “Grip and Rip” For time: 10 Power Cleans (135/95)15 C2B Pull Ups8 Power Cleans […]